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A boundless source of ideas and initiatives, a dynamic personality and a volcanic soul, Dr. Moretti Cuseri could not find a better place to express himself than in Etna. Dante described this area as “The island of fire.” Here we find some of the oldest centenary, ungrafted vines that are cultivated in Italy. The Alberello vines, also referred to as “bush style” are trained onto black molten rock terraces and have found their ideal setting in this region for thousands of years.

The fourteen hectares of Contrada Santo Spirito di Passopisciaro are located at 700 meters above sea level and are planted with local grapes that are autochthonous to Etna. The red wine is Nerello Mascalese and the white wine is Carricante an Minnella. There are some fundamental factors that contribute to growing great grapes, such as volcanic soil, which can sometimes be stony and gravelly, sandy or ashy. Also, good ventilation is very important as well as the age of the vines, many of which are pre-phylloxera. Lastly, the diurnal temperature range, which can have a variation from between 25 to 30 degrees from daytime to nighttime temperature.

Passopisciaro is confidered one of the finest areas in all of Etna Mountain, situated on the northern side. It is a fraction of Castioglione di Sicilia, in the province of Catania, deemed as one of the mos beautiful places in Italy.

The superb location of the vineyards is not only important for the quality of the grapes, but it is also impressive from an aesthetic point of view. At times, one can witness the majesty and power of the volcano erupting or admire the magnificence and beauty of the panorama of the snow covered volcano. The view is always breathtaking. To the back is the enchanting bay of Taormina, an ancient cradle of culture and one of the most important international tourist centers of Sicily, famous for its natural scenery and landscape, its beautiful sea and historical monuments.

History and geology embrace our vineyards, all bushed trained and in harmony with all of nature that surrounds them, always respecting the soil and tradition that welcomed these vines more than two thousand years.

Manual harvesting, low yield per hectare and the unique imprint of the mountain, combined with the knowledge of a specialized team, allow us to produce two indisputably characteristic wines, the Animardente Etna Rosso Doc and the Animalucente Etna Bianco Doc. They are intense wines that are rich in flavour and bouquet, with mineral and ethereal notes that recall the lava ashes of this spectacular territory.

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