Tuscan Sangiovese Wine | Vigna dell'Impero 1935
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Tuscan Sangiovese Wine

Tuscan Sangiovese Wine

Tuscan Sangiovese wine Vigna Dell' Impero made with pure Sangiovese coming from the historical vineyard dating back to 1935 and particularly known for its typology.

Tuscan Sangiovese wine arises with a long, gentle maceration of about a month aimed at exalting all the noble components of the grapes, picked at the perfect phenolic maturity in order to exult the particular qualities of this Tuscan Sangiovese wine: this is why Vigna dell’Impero is a unique wine.

It is then refined in large 15-25hl barrels for about 24 months, later placed in bottles for some months.

Vigna dell’Impero is not filtered, in order to preserve all the different typical notes and characteristics of Sangiovese wine and, most of all, of the terrain it comes from.

This unique Tuscan Sangiovese wine is bright ruby red with maroon tones, a decisive bouquet of tabacco and leather combined with wild flowers and fresh fruit, tannins are present but soft and delicate.

The heat, the strength and the roundness complete a mineral, full bodied conclusion.

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