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Vines and  Cellars


Our vineyards, which are fully biological, are the result of work done by experts in agriculture and agronomy with the objective of creating outstanding wines, starting from the agronomic care of the vines. Quality which is controlled from the very beginning, in both the vegetative and productive cycle; from the pruning, the new sprouts, the florescence to the orientation of the branches for the growth of the grapes, their ripening to thinning out the bunches, through to the grape harvest and selection of the grapes. All taking into account the correct phenolic and aromatic ripening, in such a way as to create the perfect balance between acidity and sugars, as well as between tannins and aroma.

Our vineyards, due to their location, orientation, latitude and longitude are esteemed all over the world, producing unique wines in elegance, structure, aging and body. Last but not least are the winds and breezes which blow on our vines, keeping them healthy.

The cellar is where our grapes become wine. “It’s because our wines are born in the rows of vines”, Antonio Moretti Cuseri explains, “we take care of our grounds and our grapes. When they arrive in the cellar they follow their natural transformation into wine and its natural aging. We do nothing more than help the natural process of fermentation, without any interference from us. This is the result of how well our work has been carried out in the vineyard and how uncommonly high the quality of our grapes is.
Time does all the rest: the standing time, the magic of the cellar, its half-light and its antique perfumes. By respecting this centuries-old rhythm, we achieve masterpieces which are appreciated worldwide.”