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Tenuta Sette Ponti

A c e n t u r i e s - l o n g h i s t o r y

A story of passion, dedication, and especially a great love for vineyards and their traditions. Our business philosophy is based on quality, research, long-lasting knowledge, age-old customs, respect for the land and its balance, and staying in step with genuine agricultural and enological expertise.

IGT Toscana


Oreno’s first vintage was 1999, thanks to Dr. Antonio Moretti Cuseri, a wine enthusiast, who was struck by the elegance and finesse of Bordeaux grapes. He was so captivated by them, he decided to plant these varieties at his estate. Oreno is an elegant Bordeaux blend with a strong Tuscan soul.

Valdarno di Sopra DOC

Vigna dell'Impero

Vinified with pure Sangiovese grapes grown in the estate’s historic vineyard, Vigna dell’Impero. It was first planted in 1935 and is especially suited to this wine.

IGT Toscana


While it holds historic significance for Tenuta Sette Ponti, it represents the innovation that according to Antonio Moretti Cuseri is nothing more than the “evolution of tradition.”

Where great wines are born

V i n e y a r d & C e l l a r

Our vineyards are 100% organic, managed by expert farmers and agronomists whose aim is to make high-quality wines that get their start between these very rows.

A journey into the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by our historic vineyards and a nature reserve that has been well-preserved since the times of the Italian royal family.

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